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CAMAG - World Leader in Planar Chromatography

Since 1961, CAMAG has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of instruments, software and consumables for all steps of the TLC/HPTLC procedure. Additionally, we support our clients with training, technical and contract laboratory services.

Wherever complex substance mixtures are analyzed (e.g. herbal, environmental or forensic samples), TLC/HPTLC often is an excellent alternative to GC and HPLC. Moreover, it has proven value as a solid quantitative analysis technique in quality assurance of food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial products.

Based in Muttenz, Basel, their products are truly Swiss made and have an excellent reputation throughout the world.

Sample Application

Chromatogram Development


Chromatogram Evaluation

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TLC Kits

Dried Blood Spot (DBS)

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