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The fully automated DBS-MS 500 from CAMAG is state of the art technology to analyze DBS. The DBS are directly eluted in a designed extraction chamber and guided online to an analysis system. Sample processing is automated, including the application of an internal standard through a high precision sprayer and barcode assignment. In addition to the analysis results, a picture of each DBS card before and after extraction and the run parameters are reported to maintain high traceability and quality.

Key features:

  • High throughput analysis of up to 500 DBS cards per run

  • Integrated optical card recognition and barcode reading module

  • Automated internal standard application module

  • Unique extraction module with wash station to eliminate carry-over

  • Online coupling to analysis system (LC-MS, MS or Sample Collector)

  • Full control through Chronos software

The fully automated CAMAG DBS-MS extraction system makes DBS analysis remarkably easy and has strong advantages compared to both the manual and semi-automated punching techniques. With the CAMAG DBS-MS 500 extraction procedure DBS analysis is an economical alternative to conventional blood sampling. It represents a time- and cost-saving technique for analyzing pharmacological samples and is less invasive for participants or animals.

Workflow and Features

1) Robotics

Highly reliable robotics handles the DBS cards from 5 separate racks, each with a capacity of 100 cards. The gripping tool picks up cards and moves them to all of the subsequent processes in the corresponding modules and back into their original position after the extraction. All DBS cards in the standard format of 84.67 mm × 53.2 mm can be used, independent of the brand.

2) Optical card recognition

The spot number and position, checkbox status, and barcode information are determined by a camera module with integrated firmware and adapted sensors. The connection between a DBS and its barcode is ensured throughout the whole process. CAMAG has incorporated its know-how of more than a decade of optical HPTLC image analysis to build this precise and reliable camera module.

3) Internal standard application

The extraction efficiency and analysis quality is ensured via the application of an internal standard prior to the extraction. The internal standard solution is applied with a high a precision sprayer onto the DBS. CAMAG has been manufacturing high precision application instruments for HPTLC for a long time and has used this experience to build this module.

4) Extraction Module

The extraction unit seals the DBS card and solvent is guided horizontally through the DBS into a sample loop. The loop volume can be of various sizes and configurations according to the application. The extract is guided online to the analysis system and is independent from the extraction solvent cycle.

5) Wash Station

A designated wash station cleans all parts that are in contact with the DBS cards and additionally flushes the entire tubing to avoid any carry-over. Using this system, independent user tests confirm that carry-over is not an issue.

6) Master Control Software Chronos

Chronos is a sophisticated master software that manages your analytical system in addition to controlling the DBS-MS 500. Sample lists are programmed in Chronos, where sample processing, extraction and analysis parameters are brought together. Chronos is compatible with the majority of common mass spectrometers and allows data exchange between those programs.

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts


CAMAG® Fully automated DBS workstation for 500 DBS cards. Including wash station, optical card recognition unit and internal standard  spraying module.
Master slave control unit. Chronos software to control the extraction and analysis.

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