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At Omicron, we believe that quality products should be reinforced with unrivalled service and support. From Preventative Maintenance through to instrument Validations, we are able to offer a portfolio of service options that have proven to be both comprehensive and cost-effective, whilst continuing to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers.

We have a team of fully trained and certified personnel, who are able to provide maintenance and repair services, in addition to validation services (IQ/MQ/OQ/PQ/PVT) where necessary. Outside of our own product lines, we are also able to offer service and validation on products available from other scientific instrument manufacturers.


Omicron support does not stop there. We have highly knowledgeable personnel that are able to provide remote advice and assistance, in addition to visiting customer sites for instrument training, troubleshooting and method development services.

Outlined below are some of the services Omicron can provide.

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Preventative Maintenance

PM assures that your system continues to provide you with optimum performance and reliability. It ensures that serviceable components continue to operate properly, minimising the risk of potential instrument down-time. All electronic and mechanical components will be inspected and replaced as necessary.

Operational and Mechanical Qualification

MQ and OQ verify that the system is functioning as intended and that all critical operational parameters are within the stated specifications set out by the manufacturer and regulatory bodies. This certifies that the mechanical and electronic performance of the system is satisfactory and that the system is available for further performance qualification (PQ/PVT) testing if required.

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Installation Qualification

IQ assures your instrument is received in good condition and as ordered. We will confirm the system meets product specifications. The system will be inspected to verify it is in good working condition, all proper connections and accessory installation will be checked and we will ensure the system is installed in an environment that guarantees the best performance possible for you, the customer.

PQ and PVT

PQ and PVT, where required, ensure that the system is working properly. We will verify and certify that the instrument meets Performance Qualification guidelines set out by industry regulatory bodies. Our trained and certified personnel can also ensure the instrument meets Performance Verification Test (PVT) requirements per USP <711> guidelines using USP RS materials.

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