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About Us

About Omicron

Omicron has been providing the UK marketplace with scientific instrumentation, consumables, and support services since its creation in 1992. As a distributor, we have the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s finest scientific instrument manufacturers and consumable suppliers to bring quality products into UK laboratories. We continue to proactively expand our knowledge and product range so that we can continue to meet our customer’s needs as they evolve. 


Our Business Development Team started their Omicron careers in the Service Department, and all have previous analytical laboratory experience. This makes them uniquely qualified to recognise both the analytical and operational challenges that our customers face as well as having in-depth technical knowledge of the equipment we supply. Our goal is always to use our extensive knowledge and experience to work with our customers to provide the best possible solution for the need, not just to make a sale. 


Our team of friendly, experienced, and highly trained Service Engineers are the key to providing the unrivalled, high-quality support services that we pride ourselves on. Like the Business Development Team, our Field-Service Team all come from analytical laboratory backgrounds, so they understand both the commercial and regulatory pressures our customers face. Our customer-focussed ethos, combined with our relatively small size, permit us the dynamism to react quickly, respond personally and deliver exceptionally.


Neither of these departments could function without the support of our knowledgeable Administration Team. The Admin Team are at the heart of all operations at Omicron; order processing, quality, invoicing, service scheduling, contract renewals, and accounting to name a few. With backgrounds in finance, project management, customer care and marketing, they understand the level of service our customers expect and work hard to consistently deliver this in a friendly and helpful manner. 

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is straightforward. To provide quality products and unrivalled support to laboratories in the UK.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Developing long term relationships with customers for the mutual benefit of both parties.

  • Ensuring the products we sell continue to be of high quality and align with both our and our customers’ needs.

  • Working closely with our suppliers to ensure the products available to us are innovative, of high quality and reliable.

  • Expanding the range of products we are able to offer our current or future customers.

  • Continuing to provide market-leading support services to our customers that are appropriately priced to reflect the quality of support provided.

  • Expanding the range and scope of services we are able to offer our customers.

Here at Omicron, we are proud of our values; they are what make us, “us” and are at the core of every decision we make. Omicron is synonymous with:

  • Quality

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Responsiveness 

  • Flexibility

  • Approachability

  • Sustainability

  • Equality

Our customers already experience and expect us to continue to deliver these values in everything we do. 

Our Promise

Our determination to maintain these values has led us to develop our customer promise. These are a set of commitments we make to every customer, new or existing, that we will honour throughout our partnership.

We will:

  • Always strive to provide our customers with quality products and excellent support.

  • Conduct our business in an open and honest manner.

  • Never sell a customer an instrument we do not think is suitable for them or their application, without informing them first.

  • Never sell a customer a service we cannot support to the fullest of our abilities.

  • Provide our customers with the most complete technical knowledge to enable them to make the correct decision for themselves.

  • Treat all customers equally.

  • Be open and honest when we make mistakes.

  • Review any negative feedback and work hard to redress this.

OUR Company
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Did you know Omicron is owned by its employees?

Following the retirement of Omicron’s founder, Bernie Dyas, in 2021, the majority shareholding of Omicron was purchased from him by ORLEOT Ltd (Omicron Research Limited Employee Ownership Trust). The means that the majority shareholder of Omicron are the employees themselves. The role of ORLEOT is not to manage Omicron (this continues to be the role of the Omicron management team), but to ensure the company is being well led and in a way that maximises employee engagement and commitment.


Omicron has always valued the incredible contribution that our employees make, both individually, and as a whole. Quite simply, we would be nothing without them; they make us the company we are. We strive to make Omicron a great place to work, and our employee’s welfare is always at the forefront of our endeavours, in recognition of their importance to us and our success. 


Being an EOT benefits both our employees and our customers. Employee ownership results in every Omicron employee having a vested interested in their company, and the customers it serves and supports. For our customers this means that they will always be working with an engaged and motivated member of our team, committed to delivering our products and services to them whilst maintaining our values and promise.

Our Partners

Omicron is the UK distributor for Distek's Tablet Dissolution Equipment, CAMAG's range of Thin Layer Chromatography instruments and AFI's wide offering of centrifuges. The Company also supplies Pharmag's tablet physical testing instruments. The Omicron distribution portfolio is complemented by the Dissolution Accessories' consumables range, and partnership arrangements with other highly regarded suppliers of analytical equipment and instrumentation, such as Hellma Analytics' cells and Sciencix's HPLC replacement parts.

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