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CAMAG HPTLC Pro Module Detection

The HPTLC PRO Module DETECTION is a part of the CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM, which is the first fully automated HPTLC system worldwide.

The HPTLC PRO Module DETECTION - anticipated launch in 2021 – employs hyperspectral imaging technology to characterize and quantify all analytes. The CAMAG® HPTLC Software visionCATS allows you to prepare an unlimited number of analysis files, which can be used sequentially.

As a part of the CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM, the Module DETECTION shares several components with the other modules and has a similar design. Each module can be operated either as standalone (Module Mode) or within the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM (System Mode). For the System Mode the modules are connected and a conveyor transports the HPTLC plate from one module to the other.

​Key Features

  • Part of the fully automated sample analysis and evaluation by HPTLC PRO

  • Excitation with Xenon or LED

  • Detection range from 200-1000 nm

  • Absorbance and fluorescence measurement

  • Evaluation of acquired hyperspectral data with visionCATS

  • Software-controlled by visionCATS

Coming Soon. 

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