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CAMAG BioLuminizer

The CAMAG BioLuminizer® is a detection system specifically designed to detect bioluminescence on HPTLC plates.

The Bioluminizer system is consisting of a compartment excluding any extraneous light, climate controlled for extended stability of the plate, and a 16 bit CCD digital camera of high resolution and high quantum efficiency. It features ergonomic design and easy, intuitive handling in stand-alone mode using the special software.

With the Bioluminizer bioactivity can be detected and registered economically and with short response time. Special antibacterial protection measures are not necessary, as the bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri are atoxic for humans.

Hyphenating TLC/HPTLC and bioassay is an excellent tool for identification of single toxic compounds in complex sample matrices. The method is suitable for the detection of toxins in foodstuff, beverages, cosmetics, waste water, drinking water and for the detection of bioactivity in natural products. After chromatographic separation of the complex sample the plate is immersed in a suspension of bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri. The reaction takes place within a very short time. All zones with inhibitory or toxic effects appear as dark zones on the luminescent plate background.

Key features

  • Stand-alone operation using BioLuminizer® Software.

  • Cooled 16 bit CCD camera with high resolution and high quantum efficiency

  • Climate controlled compartment for prolonged stability of the plate

  • User friendly compact design, easy to clean.

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts


CAMAG BioLuminizer®
230 V, for detection of bioluminescence patterns on HPTLC plates by means of a cooled high resolution CCD camera, the CAMAG BioLuminizer® unit is pre-mounted and includes the software to control the camera which is connected via USB port to a PC

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