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Introducing the Distek ezfill+

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Dissolution media heating, degassing and dispensing all in one compact and portable unit.

Deaeration and accurate, precise dispensing of dissolution media is a valuable step that can be overlooked in dissolution analysis, in fact many out-of-specification results in dissolution tests can be put down to a lack of control over these factors.

The Distek ezfill+ is able to heat, deaerate and precisely dispense the required volume of dissolution media directly into the dissolution vessel in approximately 90 seconds (dependent on the vessel volume and temperature required). As the media is prepared on a vessel-by-vessel basis, only the media that is required is prepared so there is minimal wastage. Preheating the media not only assists the deaeration process but also significantly cuts down on equilibration time in the dissolution bath, improving the efficiency of testing. The ezfill+ can even be used with dissolution media containing up to 2% surfactant, this is perhaps the most challenging media type to transfer to a vessel consistently.

In addition to all of this, an intuitive touch screen user interface provides a range of features that will allow the lab to keep track of their dissolution media dispenses. The ezfill+ has the capability to provide individual user log-ins, error-proof stored methods and saved/printable reports to provide full traceability of the dissolution media going into each vessel.

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