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Looking for a greener solution for your dissolution laboratory?

Does such a system currently exist? The answer is yes.The Distek Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution Test System (2500 SELECT), which is the fourth generation of the patented bathless system. In energy consumption tests, the water bath based dissolution systems typically used at least twice the amount of energy of the 2500 SELECT. In the studies conducted for this article, two typical operating scenarios were considered: the time and power consumed when performing a 24 hour dissolution run, and the power consumed by the equipment between runs. When a water bath based dissolution tester is not being used to execute a run, the thermocirculator is typically left running to maintain the heat of the water bath, continuing to consume energy. Even if the bath is turned off between tests, it uses comparatively large amounts of electricity to re-heat several gallons of water to 37°C, whereas the 2500 SELECT has no such requirement, making it more energy efficient. Read the full article here.

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