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How do you document your TLC plates?

The CAMAG TLC Visualizer 2 with VisionCATS software provides the perfect solution for documenting Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates, and a whole lot more! Here are a few ways this set-up can take your TLC to the next level and get more from your TLC analysis.

Secure Documentation

Use the TLC Visualizer 2 to capture high-resolution images under white light, UV254 and/or UV366. With VisionCATS software add sample information, application volumes and Rf values of interest. All of which can be displayed on the final image and added to a report. No more ambiguous pencil markings on the TLC plate!

Complete Sample Records

Capture unlimited images of the same TLC plate; use multiple wavelengths, before and after derivatisation, day-to-day images during stability studies. All images will be stored in the same analysis file to keep a complete record of the TLC plate from start to finish.

Conclusive Results

Take the guesswork out of TLC Limit Tests and Related Substances analysis by using VisionCATS software to assign Rf values, set acceptance criteria and determine the concentration of samples and standards using densitometric analysis of the acquired image of the TLC plate. This will determine a pass or fail result that is based on a numerical value.

Find A New Perspective

Use the VisionCATS Comparison Viewer feature to create a ‘virtual plate’ by exporting any track from any TLC plate and display them side-by-side to create a clear comparison, an effective way to monitor stability studies or method development progress.

Customisable Reports

Create a customised PDF report template in VisionCATS, complete with your company logo, add images of your TLC plate along with a comprehensive record of all the conditions used during the TLC analysis to clearly present your results to colleagues and customers.

Need To Keep It Controlled?

VisionCATS software covers all bases for regulated environments supporting compliance with cGMP/cGLP and 21 CFR Part 11 featuring individual user log-ins with multi-level access, electronic signatures, full system log files and secure data back-up.

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