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Just getting started with TLC?

The CAMAG Basic Kit has been composed so that a lab can efficiently start working with TLC. This kit comprises of a Nanomat 4 for capillary sample application, twin trough chambers with smartALERT solvent front monitoring system, glass reagent sprayer for derivatisation and a UV cabinet 4. Also included are all the consumables you will need to get started; Merck silica gel 60F 254 TLC plates, smartCUT plate cutter, capillaries with dispenser magazine and saturation pads. The basic kit is designed to enable you to achieve high quality results from manual TLC. Precise sample spot application, monitored developments and quick and easy plate inspection. Optional extras include the TLC plate heater, horizontal developing chambers and the HPTLC Vario for method development work. TLC kits can also be assembled to suit the individual needs of your lab. Contact Omicron for more information and pricing.

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