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NEW! Agilent 850-DS Filter Plates from Dissolution Accessories

In response to significant customer interest, Dissolution Accessories have developed and released equivalent filter plates for the Agilent 850-DS, which are now available from Omicron. Available in a range of filter membrane materials and porosities, the filter plates provide a flexible, lower cost, highly reliable alternative to the only current commercially available plates.

Supplied in packs of 50, with each pack having 5 x 10- plate sub packs, each individual filter plate is labeled with the membrane type, pore size and unique lot number for traceability.

The filter plate's special designed bottom side ensures reliable alignment of the liquid path, reducing the risk of jamming and leaks that can occur with manual sampling

or other dissolution sample preparation systems.

The plates are available with a variety of different filter membrane materials and porosities, to meet the various filtration requirements of your formulations. The straightforward product codes allow you to quickly identify the membrane type for convenient order placement.

This range will finally provide Agilent 850-DS users not only with a choice, but with the added benefit of a premium qualify product at an attractive price. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.


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