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The Omicron Treenitiative - Over 100 Trees Planted To Date

At Omicron, we recognise the importance of environmental protection, and are aware of our impact upon it. We have always endeavoured to reduce our footprint on mother nature to a minimum, but have decided that we can do more to play our part in creating a sustainable future for all, so we are launching the Omicron Treenitiative.

The idea behind this is simple; for every instrument that we sell, we will dedicate (donate) a tree to The National Forest. By doing this, we hope to offset the carbon footprint of the instruments' manufacture and its' shipment to the UK. For this donation, there will be no cost to our clients or suppliers, this is on us.

The cost of this simple act is minimal, but we believe that the cost of not helping create a sustainable future, and not taking responsibility for our own actions, could be great.

If our clients would like to make, match or exceed our donation, there will be the option to do so at the point of purchase, and we will also be contacting our suppliers to gather more support for this initiative.

If you would like to learn more about The National Forest and the tree dedication programme they run, as well as the various varieties of tree you can choose from, please click HERE

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