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Pharmag Physical Testing Instruments

Tap Density Tester TD-101

Friability Tester

Pharmag Instruments' Tap Density Tester (TD-101) is used to measure tapped density of powders, as well as granulated or flaked materials, by standardised and repeatable procedures.  The instrument uses the latest microprocessor technology and advanced engineering techniques to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility.

The TP-101 is equipped with a 4 line alphanumeric backlit LCD display with 16 soft touch keys.  The unit has two motorised platforms which allow for 14 ± 2.00mm drop height for the USP Method I version, and a 3 ± 0.3mm drop height for the USP Method II version.   The motorised platforms consist of two cylinder holders with snap-lock mechanisms designed to hold 100ml and 250ml cylinders.



  • Extremely useful for pharmaceutical labs

  • Microprocessor based, easy to use

  • 20 x 4 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlighting

  • Tap Density, Initial Density, Compressibility index

  • Independent programmable setups for User and USP mode with storage

  • RS232 printer attachment facility


  • Automatically calculate result parameters such as Hausner Ratio


  • Automatically stores last result


  • Power Failure detection facility


  • User friendly operation with menus and current status indicators

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts
Part Number
​​ ORL-PI-TD-101-E
Tap Density Tester TD-101
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