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Pharmag Physical Testing Instruments

Leak Tester LT-201

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Pharmag Instruments' Leak Tester Apparatus (LeakTest LT-201) is designed with utmost precision using top notch quality material and advanced equipment. The LT-201 comprises a polycarbonate desiccator housing to sustain the vacuum, and deliver long lasting, safe performance.

The Leak Tester has wide application in numerous industries such as food pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.  It can be used to test the quality of packing processes in strips, blisters and sachets containing tablets, granulates and liquids.


  • 128 x 64 Monochrome Display 

  • Alphanumeric Keypad

  • 20 Test and 10 Methods with date and time

  • Supplied in SS body

  • Selectable pressure units

  • Compatibility
    LAN, RS-232,Parallel printer, external 80 column and built in 40 column mini dot matrix printer available.

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts
Part Number
Leak Tester LT 201 - 12 inch desiccator
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