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Pharmag Physical Testing Instruments

ezTab 500 Tablet Hardness Tester

Measuring tablet weight, thickness, diameter and hardness the Pharmag Instruments ezTab 500 tablet hardness tester is both USP and EP compliant, and offers excellent flexibility and configurability. The robust design removes the need for a thickness gauge, eliminating redundant calibrations and reducing overall testing cost.


  • USP Pharmacopeia USP and EP compliant
    Compliant with USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8>

  • Multi-Parameter Measurements
    The ezTab 500 measures: weight, width, thickness, diameter and hardness.

  • LCD Display
    Allows detailed method programming without the need for PC software with the large bright LCD interface and user-friendly input keys and menus.

  • Small Footprint
    Ideal for laboratories with limited bench space, compact and lightweight design is well suited for portability and use in a production setting.

  • "Optional" Built In Printer
    Available with an "Optional" 40 column dot matrix built in printer.

  • Sample Throughput
    Throughput is approximately 6-10 samples per minute.

  • "Adjustment Free" Testing Jaws
    Requires no adjustments of the test jaws, that are designed to suit all tablet shapes and sizes with a unique grooved design for proper alignment of each tablet before testing.

  • Over Range Alert
    "Alert" will display if the tablet or sample is above the defined hardness range with the option to continue or abort test.

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts
PHARMAG INSTRUMENTS - ezTab - 500_ (002)
Part Number
ezTab 500 Hardness Tester with 800N Capacity with 40 column built in mini dot matrix printer
ezTab 500 Hardness Tester with 500N Capacity including 40 column built in mini dot matrix printer.
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