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Pharmag Physical Testing Instruments

BCT-201 Bottle Cap Torque Tester

The Pharmag Instruments' Bottle Cap Torque Tester 201 comes with high accuracy and high resolution. It can be used to measure the torque value, and is easy to operate with a white background light. The BCT-201 can store 20 batch values with date and time.  It measure the units / Inch.lbs / / / N.m / KP.  Data can transfer from RS232 to PC during every test.


  • Compatibility
    High resolution, high accuracy and easy to operate.

  • Real Time Data Transfer
    The tester can transmit the data through RS-232 to PC during every test.

  • Unit Selection & Conversion
    Units available are / Inch.lbs / / / N.m / KP.

  • Parameter Measurements
    Parameter measurements are very low, low, high, very high.  Permits detection and displays message of quality in relation to the detected torque (visualisation via bar-graph).

  • Memorisation of Four Thresholds
    The BCT-201 can set the upper and lower limit deviation value to judge the measured results.  It has an automatic alarm with sound and light.

  • Display
    Monochrome graphical display. 

  • Results Storage
    Can measure 20 batch data values with date and time available.

Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts
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Bottle Cap Torque Tester with built in mini dot matrix printer
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