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Dry Powder Input for PreciseInhale®

It is possible to use the PreciseInhale® to generate an aerosol from an API, pre-formulated product or raw material using the Dry Powder input accessory. Dry powder is loaded into the PreciseInhale® Dry Powder capsule accessory which in turn is mounted into the bottom of the aerosol holding chamber of the PreciseInhale®. High-pressure air forces the powder through a deagglomeration nozzle to generate a fine particulate aerosol.  

Dry powder input.png

Features and Benefits

  • Low substance consumption ~1mg

  • Reproducible, batchwise aerosol generation 

  • Several options for deagglomeration of micronized powders 

  • Aerosol switchboard - flexible configuration possibilities 

  • Repetitive and accurate dosing

  • Homogenous aerosols 

  • Aerosol generation of a broad range of dry powders 

  • Same aerosol source throughout the whole development process

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