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XposeALI ® Exposure Module

XposeALI ® 3D cell exposure module combines aerosol capability with 3D cell models cultured at an Air Liquid Interface (ALI). It enables studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles.

In combination with PreciseInhale®, the XposeALI ® enables aerosol exposure of lung cells with respirable aerosols, generated from dry powder, DPI/pMDIs or nebulizer. In the ALI setup cells are exposed to air at the ”luminal” side and media at the ”vascular” side, mimicking the conditions in the lung.

XposeALI  ® delivers a concentrated aerosol while the exposure hood restricts the area available for exposure. This avoids deposition of particles on the insert walls and ensures particle deposition is only on the cell surface. Lateral to central flow over the whole cell surface provides even distribution of particles. Finally the aerosol is collected from the central output into a filter for easy mass reconciliation. 


Features and Benefits

  • Flexible aerosol sources: generation from dry powder (API), inhaler or nebilized solution

  • The Air-Liquid Interface simulates lung-like exposure conditions

  • Enables studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles

  • Cells are exposed to only the substance of interest

  • Particles are evenly deposited over the cell surface

  • Beneficial construction avoids aerosol exposure of cell culture media and cell culture insert walls

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