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Intratracheal Inhalation Module

With the module for intratracheal inhalation exposures of rodents to respirable aerosols by the PreciseInhale® system, it is possible following administration to obtain pharmacokinetic data resembling clinical inhalation exposures.

The intratracheal exposure module is a unique technology delivering aerosol directly to the lungs, bypassing the nose, to spontaneously breathing rodents – resembling clinical inhalation exposures. It offers precision dosing by careful monitoring of aerosol concentration and individual breathing patterns. This generates extremely low Standard Deviations in between different animals or repeated exposures.


Intratracheal inhalation in vivo experiments study the distribution, metabolism and clearance of inhaled drugs in the blood and other tissues following the delivery of a well- controlled dose using the PreciseInhale® system.


Features and Benefits

  • Lung-specific exposure of spontaneously breathing animals

  • Precision dosing by active monitoring of aerosol concentration and individual breathing parameters

  • Distribution of inhaled substance resembling the clinical situation

  • Low substance consumption

  • Reliable PK-data

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