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Dissolution Autosampler

The SAMPILIO X8 represents a new generation of dissolution sampler, not using a peristaltic or syringe, but patented small volume diaphragm pumps (patents from RIGGTEK*).


Disadvantage of conventional available samplers operating with peristaltic pumps are low precision and lifetime. At Samplers with syringe pumps high Dwell-volume and the noncompliance to the FIFO delivery principle (First In – First Out) is problematically.

Whereas SAMPILIO’s diaphragm pumps are working precisely and maintenance free long lasting. The FIFO delivery principle with low Dwell-volume results in the best time accuracy of sampling, lowest cross-contamination, shortest sampling time intervalls and lowest inbetween volume lost during the sampling process! With this, the Sampilio X8 makes dissolution autosampling finally comparable to manual sampling!



The unique delivery system with individual, bidirectional pumps for each channel offers a wide range of applications like staggered or individual sampling per channel, Media-Replacement with the optional Transfer-Modul. The Sampilio X8 can be connected easily to all commom Dissolution-Testers.

The Sampilio X8-Browser-Interface integrates your Sampilio easy and fast into your IT-infrastructure.

Riggtek Sampilio

Administrate with the Sampilio X8-Browser-Interface methods, reports and users.

The special features of the Sampilio X8 summarized:

  • results are comparable to manual sampling (FIFO delivery principle)

  • lowest cross-contamination between sampling steps

  • lowest dead volume and so lowest volume-loss during the sampling

  • very short sampling interval times of around 2 minutes

  • easiest operation, cleaning and maintenance

  • media-replacement (optional)

  • easiest method, report and user administration with the Sampilio X8-Browser-Interface

  • easiest integration in your IT-infrastructure with the Sampilio X8-Browser-Interface

  • unlimited numbers of samples with manual rack change

  • complete documentation incl. calibration and performance reports(GLP)

  • printer and network interfaces

  • can be connected easily to all commom Dissolution-Testers

  • communication with Dissolution-Testers (included for easyDISS and DISTEK, further DTS to be customized)

  • ISO 9001 certified production.

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