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New! CAMAG VisionCATS 3.0

The new-look CAMAG visionCATs 3.0 software is now available! This coincides with the release of the first CAMAG HPTLC PRO modules for Application and Development. VisionCATs 3.0 has been completely redesigned to give a modern look and feel while optimizing the usability of the new application.

While the main focus of visionCATS 3.0 is set on the incorporation of newly released HPTLC PRO Modules, existing CAMAG instrument users can still benefit from improvements that have been made in this version.

New Menu Layout

What’s new:

· A new, modern design including High DPI support.

· Flexible docking system where windows can be floating, docked, grouped, fixed or hidden automatically.

· Revamped global lists editor.

· Remarks and reports tab support in method files, so it is now possible for reports to be generated for method files.

· Selection of ‘in-progress’ items in Explorer window, a shortcut is created to access analysis files that are running or have recently been completed directly from the Explorer window.

· Database updated to SQL Server 2017

Window Docking System

Contact Us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.


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