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NEW! CAMAG visionCATS 2.5

CAMAG's visionCATS software is now even better with the release of version 2.5. Including a host of new features designed to improve your visionCATS experience.

What's new:

  • Redesigned search and filters in Explorer with the introduction of an advanced search feature to handle more complex queries.

  • You can now receive notifications on your analysis progress via email to inform you when a step has been completed!

  • Improved HDRI when using the Visualizer 2, longer exposure time is available, if needed, to collect more images at different exposure therefore improving the final image quality.

  • The introduction of new options for concentration unit types.

  • In Analysis each track can now be shown at all wavelengths.

  • In Comparison Profile it is now possible to compare tracks at all wavelengths.

  • Profile viewer can now be used in several windows at the same time allowing for docking or multi windows to be used

  • Peak detection is now available when using Comparison view.

  • HPTLC log in report: Reports can now display the whole HPTLC Logger data.

  • 'Open As' function added for allowing several users to share one PC controlling one or more instruments.

  • visionCATS diagnostics to allow you to obtain an overview of the software status.

Contact us for more information on visionCATS or to upgrade now.

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