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Microsaic Miniaturised Mass Spectrometry Detection

Microsaic>4500 MID

4500 MiD®

Microsaic Systems revolutionary miniaturised Mass Spectrometer permits the vacuum system, electronics and computer to all be housed inside one small box. Microsaic's patented MiD hardware and integrated software provide immediate insights into biological or chemical samples and reactions. This enables users to make quick decisions in real-time to optimise conditions and control process more easily. Reliable, robust and user-friendly, the 4500 MiD® can be installed where no other mass spectrometer can be easily deployed, all while retaining the performance of a conventional mass spectrometer system.


Ordering Information, Accessories and Parts
  • Small footprint enables deployment anywhere within laboratory or processing facilities, with no requirement for additional infrastructure.

  • Fully integrated system, with no external vacuum pumps, and no external PC.

  • Easy to use, 'plug and play' consumables; simple, quick user maintenance reduces instrument down time and ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Single quadrupole with a mass range of 1400 m/z.

  • Integrated software designed for rapid set up and data analysis.

  • 'Remote operating' software module for fast and effective third-party equipment integration.

  • Low maintenance costs with completely tool-less front end.

  • Low operating costs due to reduced power and Ngas consumption

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Key Features

Part Number
Microsaic Systems 4500 MiD® Standard Unit with Starter Kit Pro. Includes 4500 MiD®, mains lead, N2 tubing, exhaust silencer, split flow interface, tool kit, monitor, mouse, keyboard and calibration kit.
ORL- PAS010MX100
Microsaic Systems MiDas™ Compact sampling interface for automated sampling, dilution and injection for direct mass spectrometer analysis.
spraychip® 200 for MiD 4500™
vac-chip™ for MiD 4500. All metal.
Split Flow Interface (SFI) for MiD 4500™
Direct Flow Interface (DFI) for MiD 4500™
Tool Kit for MiD 4500™
A wide variety of additional configurations and accessories are also available. Please contact us for further details.
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