CAMAG winCATS Software - for Planar Chromatography Management

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winCATS is an easy to use Windows™ NT application based on a novel, integrated software concept for planar chromatography. Users can combine the individual program modules according to their requirements. In the actual analysis, steps carried out with winCATS-controlled instruments are automatically executed and documented.

For those steps performed with non-software controlled equipment, the user can enter parameters manually via dialog boxes. winCATS stores and archives all data pertinent to the actual analysis in one file, and these can be printed later, conforming to GMP/GLP.

Omicron is CAMAG's UK distributor for their WinCATS Planar (TLC) Chromatography Manager. All Omicron-supplied winCATS-controllable CAMAG products on this website are identified by the winCATS logo shown below.

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Omicron also supply a full range of spares and accessories for all products shown on this website. Please email us with your requirements.

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